Friday, March 16, 2012

Artist Block

Artist's Block / Blue Couch © Maud Guilfoyle 2011 20" x 16"

I began this painting over a year ago!! Then artist's block struck. The painting is for a friend who had a blue couch for many years and was passing it on to a relative. Whenever I visit this friend's house, there is such a feeling of peace and comfort there. A sense of 'home'. In my painting classes I give an assignment to paint what home means to them. It is as individual as a portrait; could be a reading chair, a place for afternoon tea, window on a garden or a blue couch. For each person it is unique. When I realized I was trying to recreate this feeling for my friend, I stepped back and painted it from my own experience. With a portrait at least you have some idea if there is a likeness, or if it is a flattering resemblance. So, the painting is finished and delivered and I truly hope she will enjoy it.

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