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Irwin Greenberg 1922 - 2009

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Irwin Greenberg 1922 - 2009

I opened the current issue of LINEA Spring 2010, published by the Art Students League in Manhattan, NY and read with great sadness of the passing of a great art teacher, Irwin Greenberg.
He was one of my mother’s, Peregrine Higgins, mentors. This jpg is from Linea with his eloquent thoughts on teaching. I will retype it here, enlarged so that you can read it:

Like a lot of realist painters, I started teaching as a way to stabilize my income.
I was amazed to discover that it would be one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. Somehow everything I have learned in my life found a place in the studio classroom. In addition, teaching forced me to objectify my thoughts and make them comprehensible to my students. But the greatest reward by far was getting to know that special kind of person, the art student. Their hunger to learn and commitment to what Robert Henri called the art spirit has been a never-ending inspiration to me. I am sure I got the larger share in the exchange. Irwin Greenberg, LINEA, Spring 2010

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