Friday, April 5, 2013

Artists' time mangement and mind maps

Monet's Bridge © Maud Guilfoyle, watercolor, 8 x 8"

     I am working on several projects at once now and if I don't organize with a mind map chart, I find myself at the end of the day feeling as though nothing was accomplished. If I paint early in the day in natural sunlight it feels as though I have made good use of precious time. I used to do lists. Then when I kept writing the same goals down I stopped making the daily lists. Now I do mind maps. I find it more helpful and creative than the lists. If there are several projects going on I can zoom in  on each one rather than scanning a long, sometimes endless list. I may add to this map over the course of a week. This week my mind map includes work on my next e book about drawing, getting ready art for the tasoc faculty show at Belskie Museum, organizing my studio space so I can find works on paper, and shows I would like to see in the city - New York City.

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