Sunday, June 14, 2015

Protect  Artworks on Paper:

Fragrant, Watercolor on paper, 12 x 18", © Maud Guilfolyle
Protect  Artworks on Paper: This includes drawings, watercolors, pastels and prints. It is essential to ensure that all materials in contact with artwork is acid free or archival so that it will not cause yellowing of the paper. If storing the artwork keep it in a dry area, not a damp basement or mildew can form. And last, when you frame and display artwork avoid direct sunlight so that  the lines and colors will not fade. It is possible to ask framers to use polarizing glass in the frame to block a lot of the sun’s rays.  ‘Fragrant’, watercolor, 13 x 20” © Maud Guilfoyle. Every summer I plant a pot of fragrant flowers and herbs to place by my front and back door to sweeten my errands and homecoming. I am especially fond of rose geranium leaves.

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