Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Artwork Using Archival and Acid Free Materials

The Tooth Fairy by Peregrine Higgins, pen and ink, 9 x 7 inches, © Art By Two
Always use acid free papers and the best quality materials you can afford for your artwork. 
While selecting art for Art by Two I found ink drawings or paintings done in watercolor or oil by my mother that she had done decades ago that were fine and drawings done in the last ten years that might have faded, especially if exposed to light, or done on newsprint. She loved the effect of drawing with a fine micron pigma pen on newsprint. I would get stonehenge paper or other acid free fine drawing paper, stick it in her portfolio before she went figure drawing in hopes that she would use it. She did sometimes but kept going back to newsprint. These drawings can be preserved with some care, but it is best to work with high quality materials from the beginning. If you do have work that is on material that is not long lasting, at least document it as soon as possible. 
The drawing above is Peregrine's self portrait as the tooth fairy, and a portrait of me at the age of five.

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