Sunday, May 12, 2013

Peregrine Higgins' Tuesday night art class at the Art Center of Northern New Jersey

David by Peregrine © Art by Two

Memory of My Mother Teaching Her Drawing Class

Making her way around the room, Peregrine is always careful to praise the strengths in her student’s work before making gentle suggestions for improvement. During every class the refrain “practice, practice, practice” can be heard. In one class there are several new students who are self conscious and worried that others will judge their work, or that they won’t be able to loosen up and draw. Peregrine looks around the room, then does a little dance singing softly the lyrics of the song I’m Too Sexy by the English trio Right Said Fred ... 
“I’m too sexy for my shirt ... I’m too sexy for my hat ... I’m too sexy for my car ...” Shocked silence is followed by looks of delight. Clearly this is no ordinary drawing class.

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