Sunday, May 12, 2013

Posing for Peregrine

Memory of Dragon Shadows
I am four. My mother and I are hanging paper dragon mobiles from the ceiling that we”ve just finished painting and cutting out. We are in an upstairs room that is Peregrine’s room at my grandparents. I am watching the dragon shadows floating across the walls as the air currents gently move the mobiles. The shadows swell and flow across my mothers art and a series of beautiful Indian miniature paintings. 

Posing for Peregrine © Art by Two

Memories of Posing for my Mother

Peregrine complains that even my eyelashes move! To this day I cannot be still if confined to a small space, whether it be on a car trip, in a plane or camping out in a 'mummy bag'. I have to flex my knees, elbows, roll my neck ...

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